July 2012

Following on from my trip to Classic Le Mans with the Kent Sevens, Maggie and I decided to have a short break before we met up with the 'Alice' crowd in the Pyrenees and we stayed in the Miller's Cottage at Le Moulin du Lary which is run by Chris Knox-Johnston, brother of the famous yachtsman Robin.

I took a leisurely drive down towards Bordeaux from Le Mans, and having settled in after a visit to the supermarche for provisions, I met Maggie at Bordeaux airport.

During our stay we also visited Oradour-sur-Glane, the site and memorial of a Nazi atrocity during WW2.

Running repair...
...changing front brake pads to cure 'pad rattle'
Blat tested...job done!
Our 'garage' for the week
The Mill
Rear 'garden'
Baby coypus
Lunch at the cottage
The Miller's Cottage
The Farm House
Travelling along this road, we hit...
...a landmark mileage