"Oh and thanks to Chris I've stopped looking at women and just look at his Zetec conversion pics instead. Pure Zetec porn "
Zetec (BlatChat)

"189bhp is fantastic and really good going on a Zetec with great torque which peaks fairly early so it should be very drivable indeed. Dave and John both commented that the car has been superbly put together and I hope that Dave got a few pictures and that it ends up on the pages of Walkers Workshop in the not too distant future. "
Richard Hoare (Emerald)

"What a stonkingly good job you have made of the rebuild. You can see a lot of time and effort has gone into the build and it's a great (and unique) colour scheme with some nice touches."

"I have more fun driving my Seven than anything else I have driven - the joys of car control rediscovered."
Jonathan Palmer

"This was the car that everyone got the biggest kick out of driving. In every handling area it was almost untouchable, it's kart-like steering providing terrific response and accuracy, as well as bundles of feel and information."
Autocar Magazine Handling Shootout, Silverstone

"Quick on the road, even quicker on the track, Caterhams are now known as some of the most spectacular cars in racing today."
Redline Magazine

"The Colin Chapman-designed Lotus 7 is alive and well in Caterham - the Super Sprint has blistering performance."
Autocar Magazine

"With no roof, no SIB, no doors, no side windows, no airbag, no ABS, no power steering, no traction control, no radio and certainly no cruise control, even after 40 years the Seven is one of the purest sports cars on the planet."
Redline Magazine

"It is undoubtedly one of the most outrageous, stimulating and addictive cars there has ever been."
Auto Express

"The sheer audacity and size of the Seven makes people cheer as you pass by."
Redline Magazine

"The Seven is that rare contradiction in terms; a classic British sports model available brand new."
Sunday Telegraph

"If your mind is on the job, youíre rewarded with the most beautifully balanced, controllable and downright enjoyable car you are ever likely to drive"

"Cornering in the Caterham is a joy, and the long straights are a speedy heaven. "
Classic Cars

"Itís a back to basics, in your face, driving experience that you just canít experience in anything normal. "
Niche Motor Finance

"Why canít all cars feel this fast and fun at just 60 mph."

"Best of all, whether you are doing a lap record or ten seconds of the pace, it really doesnít matter. What matters is feel: turn-in is like an electric spark, grip is sensational, and the steering shames every other car when it comes to feedback from the tyres. "

"I've never had so much fun behind the wheel of a car before - the grin factor was immense."
Octane Magazine

"Caterham have a magical ability to combine brilliant handling with excellent ride quality."
Classic Cars

"Itís the nearest thing to a speedboat on land."
Celebrity chef. James Martin

"The greatest achievement by Caterham is supplying the driver with the kind of feedback only a single seater can normally achieve. "
Track and Race Cars